Mycotoxin contamination: grain growing, harvesting, storage, livestock and poultry feed, the whole process is everywhere.

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Nutrients absorption solution

      Montmorillonite type adsorbent, using its own electronegativity to absorb the harmful toxins, also it has certain adsorption performance to some nutrient elements at the same time. This kind of nutrient elements mainly includes: vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12.Montmorillonite’s adsorption to vitamin B type mainly happens in acidic conditions (simulated gastric juice). The adsorbed vitamin B type can become desorption under alkaline environment (simulated intestinal juice), desorption rate is about 80%. Montmorillonite has no obvious adsorption to vitamin C.

       Montmorillonite has a certain degree of adsorption to amino acids, rules are lysine > glycine > glutamate>alanine.Montmorillonite has no apparent adsorption to methionine.

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